US Presidential Election Preview Breakfast

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As the countdown to November’s US Presidential Election continues, the John Adams Society held a Preview Breakfast on Tuesday, June 12th with two of America’s leading political strategists, Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake.

Ed Goeas (left) and Celinda Lake (right) with Jonathan Isaby of JAS (centre)

Ed Goeas, CEO of the Tarrance Group, has a long history of working with Republican politicians (including giving strategic advice to and conducting polling for the McCain campaign in 2008), whilst Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners is a leading Democratic political strategist and has advised dozens of politicians at all levels.  Together, Goeas and Lake have for many years collaborated on the highly acclaimed “Battleground Poll“, one of the US’s most respected political research programmes.

Members and guests during Q&A

JAS members and their guests were treated to an insightful discussion which considered the strengths and weaknesses of the different campaigns in reaching out to varied sections of the voting public, across a full range of issues from personal approval ratings, to the economy and the Eurozone and foreign policy.

JAS was delighted to have been able to host a fascinating session with two seasoned observers of the US political scene, and the organisers extended their thanks to the American Embassy for facilitating the speakers’ visit.



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