JAS visit to the Crime Museum at New Scotland Yard

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Crime Museum visitOn 22 May, JAS members were treated to a private tour of the Metropolitan Police’s Crime Museum at New Scotland Yard.  Formerly known as the Black Museum, the collection houses criminal memorabilia collected by the Metropolitan Police from the 1870s onwards. For more information see: http://www.met.police.uk/history/crime_museum.htm

This was a unique opportunity to look into London’s less salubrious past as the museum is not normally open to the public.  The tour took in some grisly but fascinating artifacts.  The large collection of traditional and customised weapons gave a sobering insight into what the police face everyday on London’s streets.  The visit was followed by a much-need trip to the Met’s local pub.

With thanks to JAS member Ajoy Gosain for arranging this special, and memorable, event!


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