Richard Stephenson


Communications Director, CAA


Joe Dilger

Vice Chair

Chief Executive Officer, JD Global Advantage Ltd


Jonathan Isaby

Formal events

Chief Executive, The TaxPayers’ Alliance

After more than a decade in political journalism – having worked for the BBC, Daily Telegraph and ConservativeHome – Jonathan joined the TaxPayers’ Alliance in 2011 as Political Director and has served as its Chief Executive since January 2014. He appears regularly in the media as a commentator on political, current and economic affairs, and is the co-author of Boris v Ken: How Boris Won London, which was published in June 2008.

Twitter: @isaby


Matthew Brown

Chair of the JAS Sub Groups

External Relations Director, Think Ahead

Matthew is the former lead of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s communications and campaigns team. He has worked in government, business, and academia. In roles at the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, he provided scientific advice to Ministers and led a policy team. Before joining the Royal Society of Chemistry he was Head of Energy and Climate Change at the Confederation of British Industry. Matthew holds a PhD in chemical physics from the University of Cambridge.


Taryn Khanam

Communications Officer

Department of Energy & Climate Change
CEO of BritBangla

Taryn Khanam is the CEO of BritBangla, an association that provides a platform to reflect the views and aspirations of second and third generation Bengali professonals growing up within a dual culture. BritBangla acts as a source of inspiration, empowerment and enriches the Bengali community through mutual support and positive promotion.


Saima Williams

Board Member

Senior Policy Advisor, Home Office

Saima is senior policy advisor at the Home Office and participated in the IVLP in 2010 as part of a Muslim Women’s group. The trip took her to Washington, Chicago and San Francisco where she met a number of inspirational leaders making a real difference to the lives of people around them. Saima is very excited to be part of the JAS Committee again and is looking forward to meeting as many alumni members as possible in the coming months.


Graeme Herbert

Scottish Chair

Royal Society of Edinburgh


Mary-Eve McNerney

Member at Large

Civil Service
Cabinet Office

Rabia Bhatti

Member at Large

Governor, RE


Leela Widger

Member at Large

Company Director, Barrister


Anthea Buckeridge

Special Adviser

Retired US Embassy Officer


Andrew Stephenson MP

Parliamentary Officer

Member of Parliament


Omar Sorr

Youth Officer



Anneliese Reinemeyer

Embassy Liaison Officer

Cultural Officer, US Embassy


Naomi Roose-Lloyd

Embassy Liaison Co-ordinator

Cultural Assistant, US Embassy

Naomi represents the Embassy on our Board. As Cultural Affairs Assistant within the Public Affairs Section, she is responsible for administering all exchange programs including the IVLP, Voluntary Visitors, and Embassy-Funded exchanges. Naomi also acts as the Alumni Co-ordinator, working with all Embassy Sections in addition to other alumni networks such as Fulbright, Marshall, and Gilman. If you’ve any alumni or embassy related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact her on RooseN@State.Gov.


Muddassar Ahmed

Founder & President

CEO, Unitas Communications