The last elections for the JAS Board were held in September 2014 at which point the 2015-16 team was elected. The next elections will be held in September/October 2016.  The Board is elected for a two-year term.

Any members interested in assisting the Board should contact the chairman

The current John Adams Society Board, serving until 31 December 2016,  is as follows:

Chairman: Richard Stephenson

Board Members:

  • Rabia Bhatti
  • Matthew Brown
  • Joe Dilger
  • Jonathan Isaby
  • Taryn Khanam
  • Mary-Eve McNerney
  • Samantha Watson
  • Lee Widger
  • Saima Williams

Special Adviser: Anthea Buckeridge (honourary, non-elected position)

Scottish Chair: Graeme Herbert

Parliamentary Officer: Andrew Stephenson MP

Embassy Liaison: Anneliese Reinemeyer (ex officio appointment by US Embassy)

Embassy Alumni Coordinator: Naomi Roose-Lloyd (ex officio appointment by US Embassy)

Honorary Founder & President: Muddassar Ahmed