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On 26 April 2013 the John Adams Society held its first event in Scotland, which was hosted by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and attended by JAS members, other IVLP alumni who we hope will be joining the Society, and others from across business and academia.  The focal point of the evening was a thoroughly captivating and inspiring presentation by Olympic Rowing Gold Medallist Katherine Grainger.

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Katherine shared with the group her experiences and the highs and lows of her “Journey to Gold”, from her beginning as a rower to her fantastic achievement at London 2012.  And she set aside time to speak whilst still having work to do to complete her PhD in Criminology – due in by the end April!!

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Graeme Herbert, who is the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Deputy Chief Executive and Scotland’s representative on the John Adams Society Board said “We are enormously grateful to Katherine for setting aside time in her very busy schedule to share her experiences with us.   Her presentation was inspiring and also quite humbling when you hear first hand about the commitment, effort and sacrifices  needed to achieve greatness.  The evening also provided an excellent opportunity for people to establish contacts they probably would not otherwise make, and I hope that it was the first of many other successful John Adams Society events in Scotland in the years to come.”

Guest at Royal Society Edinburgh April 26, 2013


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